Conklin Minigraph: the pleasure of admiring and marvelling at a finely-made teeny tiny writing instrument that works perfectly

I won this pen at the Conklin 2017 Yuletide giveaway. It came in a luxury box with a thank you note from the Yafa Family. I have only nice things to say about the Conklin Minigraph, and I think I have fallen deep into the fountain pen rabbit hole if my opinion has been swayed by a freebie.

At $50 SRP, this pen is fairly expensive given its size (10cm capped; 8.7 uncapped; No. 7 Steel Nib; 12.8cm posted, but I don't really post) it makes a giant out of the Kawecos which can be purchased for half the Conklin Minigraph's price—but if you ask me as an avid user and collector of pocket pens, I would definitely be willing to pay more for the Conklin Minigraph's. The steel EF nib that came with it is wet and finer than most Western EFs I have. The cap and body is made of well-polished precious resin, with unique and interesting patterns. The Conklin Minigraph looks like a kit pen in some angles when photographed, as I've seen them prior to having one, but it doesn't look like a kit pen in person and definitely doesn't feel like one in the hand.

My other pocket pens are longer with more girth, but too plastic like student pens, or too flashy, which makes them look like a novelty item. However the Conklin Minigraph, despite being the smallest pen that I own, will not be mistaken for a student or novelty pen. It is a small pen and true to its name, but the Conklin Minigraph has weight, looks handsome, and therefore demands to be taken seriously.

On the side I call it my miracle wet-writer. I was surprised at how tiny it was during unboxing, and I wondered if it was really made for writing. I popped in the stock standard international cartridge and voila! It wrote out of the box, wet and juicy, and without issues. The Minigraph can only take cartridges; no converters, not even the Kaweco or the Monteverde ones, will work on it because it's practically a cartridge with a nib. That alone leaves me in constant awe.

The truth is, I'm in love with this pen. On the evening when I first received it, I had to reopen my pen wrap before finally going to bed to have another look at it—the pleasure of admiring and marvelling at a finely-made teeny tiny writing instrument that works perfectly. I still do that every once in a while, even after two weeks of having it.

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