Conklin Duragraph Collection

The Conklin Pen Company® is recognized as being one of the first companies to add the feature of true mobility to daily writing. Innovator Roy Conklin successfully created the first self-filling fountain pen, promoted as “a fountain pen that has its own stomach,” which became much loved by renowned American author Mark Twain. In 1923, the Duragraph™ model was launched, and shortly afterward was considered to be 'the definitive' pen. The model was named by combining the words, durable and graph to equal Duragraph. Created to last as an heirloom to serve many generations, the Duragraph™ is offered with a lifetime guarantee, and brings a fresh, modern style to the timeless oversize flat top design. Crafted from quality handmade resins, the Duragraph™ is substantial in size, yet not so large to be unwieldy in the hand. The Duragraph is offered in a choice of seven classic finishes: Amber, Cracked Ice, Forest Green, Ice Blue, Orange Nights, Purple Nights, and Red Nights, paying tribute to the designs of yesteryear. The cap top is embellished with the Conklin Est. 1898 logo and the cap band is engraved with the famous Duragraph model script font with three Conklin crescent logos on either side of the model name. Available in a choice of Fine, Medium, or Stub nib grades, the Duragraph offers the ideal choice for your individual handwriting style. The cap top mounted clip allows the pen to sit low in the pocket, making this model a more practical choice for everyday use. The fountain pen uses the reliable international cartridges converter (supplied), and the ballpoint is accompanied with a refill and accepts the Monteverde USA® P1 and P4 refills. Each Conklin fine writing instrument is housed in a luxury gift presentation box lined with rich satin. Ideal as the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, this model is the right size for both men and women who use fine writing instruments in their daily professional lives.



Fountain Pen: Closed 5.11 inches – Posted 6.88 inches – Weight 25 gms

Ballpoint Pen: Closed 5.11 inches – Weight 29 gms

Trim: Highly Polished Chrome

Nib Grades: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1mm Stub

Filling Mechanism: Converter/Cartridge

Writing Mode: Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen

Edition Regular Edition

Warranty: Lifetime

Finishes & US List Prices:

CK71385 - Duragraph ballpoint – Red Nights – US List price $55

CK71380 - Duragraph fountain pen – Red Nights – US List price $65

CK71395 - Duragraph ballpoint – Purple Nights – US List price $55

CK71390 - Duragraph fountain pen – Purple Nights – US List price $65

CK71370 - Duragraph fountain pen – Orange Nights – US List price $65

CK71375 - Duragraph ballpoint – Orange Nights – US List price $55

CK71310 - Duragraph fountain pen – Cracked Ice – US List price $65

CK71315 - Duragraph ballpoint – Cracked Ice – US List price $55

CK71320 - Duragraph fountain pen – Forest Green – US List price $65

CK71335 - Duragraph ballpoint – Forest Green – US List price $55

CK71340 - Duragraph fountain pen – Amber – US List price $65

CK71345 - Duragraph ballpoint – Amber – US List price $55

CK71350 - Duragraph fountain pen – Ice Blue – US List price $65

CK71355 - Duragraph ballpoint – Ice Blue – US List price $55

Conklin Duragraph Collection Conklin All American  Collection Conklin Duragraph Collection

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