Conklin Heritage Word Gauge Fountain Pen Blue

Conklin Heritage Word Gauge Fountain Pen Blue

Nib Option:
Fine - CK75811, Medium - CK75812, Stub - CK75813, Broad - CK75814, Extra Fine - CK75815, Omniflex - CK75816

The Conklin Pen Company® is recognized as being one of the first companies to design features of true technological advances to daily writing. The innovative technology of the Heritage Word Gauge™ is as useful today as it was when first developed in the 1930’s. This modern-day version of the Word Gauge™ allows you to view your ink level through a transparent window in the barrel of each pen. The different gauge marks along the window indicates the estimated number of words that the remaining ink will write before you need to fill your pen again, a truly unique and fun feature exclusively available with this collection. Each pen comes with a built-in piston-filling system for “straight out of the bottle ink filling”, to use simply dip your nib into the ink bottle and twist the piston located at the back end of the pen body. The Heritage Word Gauge™ is made from a strong, unique resin and available in three glorious colors, Black with sleek gunmetal accents, or Blue, and Turquoise, both paired with stunning chrome accents to match. Along the front of each barrel is the name of the collection, tastefully engraved. Available in a choice of six nib grades, choose between Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub, or Omniflex.

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