Conklin All American Collection

The Word Gauge™ fountain pen blends the  original vision of the classic Nozac (no-sac)  series that was introduced in the 1930’s with today’s cutting-edge technology in materials  and manufacturing.  Each piston-fill pen has a large view window that is engraved with a "Word Gauge" – numbered gradations indicating how many words can be written with the remaining ink.    Handcrafted in Italy from solid bars of resin, Word Gauge is available in traditional black and beautiful pearlescent blue.   Each model is available with Conklin’s® Cushion Point stainless steel nib in fine, medium, and 1.1mm stub.


Dimensions: Close 5.57 inches - Posted 6.5 inches - Weight 27 gms


Nib Grades: Fine, Medium, Stub

Filling Mechanism:

Writing Mode: Fountain Pen

Warranty: Lifetime

Edition: Regular Edition

Finishes & US List Prices:

CK80094 - Word Gauge Blue Swirl Fountain Pen - $195.00

CK80095 - Word Gauge Black Fountain Pen - $195.00

Conklin All American  Collection