Conklin Duragraph Collection

The Conklin Pen Company traces its roots to 1897 in Toledo, Ohio, when founder Roy Conklin was granted his first fountain pen patent. In 1901, Conklin patented the Crescent Fillerâ„¢ in what would soon become the most technologically advanced and best selling pen on the market. With Mark Twain as their spokesman, the Conklin brand continued to thrive and became one of the most innovative manufacturers of fine writing instruments. The Conklin Sterling Silver fountain pen brings new levels of sophistication to this iconic collection. Handmade in Italy, each pen is constructed with solid sterling silver, from the elegantly chased barrel to the engraved clip, crescent mechanism and front section. The pen weighs in at a hefty 60 grams, yet remains perfectly balanced for extended writing sessions. The Conklin Sterling fountain pen features an extremely flexible 14K nib for the ultimate advtange in expressing yourself. (Available in EF, F, M, B, 0.9 and 1.1mm Italic point sizes, this limited edition consists of Only 98 pieces of this individually numbered limited edition will ever be produced.)


Writing Mode: Fountain Pen

Edition Regular Edition

Warranty: Lifetime

Finishes & US List Prices:

CK71279- Conklin Crescent Filler Vermeil Demo
Fountain Pen Red & Silver Sterling 14K Nib,
98 Pcs Limited - $595 MSRP

CK71278- Conklin Crescent Filler Vermeil Demo
Fountain Pen Blue & Rose Vermeil 14K Nib,
98 Pcs Limited - $595 MSRP

Conklin Duragraph Collection

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