Conklin Minigraph: Short on Size but Not In Performance

I was thrilled when I was notified that I won a Conklin Minigraph—it’s always exciting to win a giveaway. Add on the fact that I got to choose my favorite color? Well, I was pretty darn happy.
My overall impression of the pen has been very positive, it having been put through its paces in the short amount of time I’ve owned it.
It’s durable, super convenient, and stylish to boot.

First Thoughts

It arrived in a very sleek and professional box with blue leather and gold accents, and I think this would make it great to give as a gift. Though it is small in stature, I was surprised to notice a significant heft to it when I picked it up.

It’s not heavy by any means, but it has got a sturdiness to it—which reassured me that it would withstand a lot. The body color I chose is a beautiful mottled purple and gold, which is very warm and not garish. The cap unscrews from the body, and,when posted, fits my hands well—though if you have large hands, you might find it a bit small. The nib is iridium, and this model is in a medium point—my favorite. It offers a great balance between being able to write in small lettering and showing off all the gorgeous shading in my inks. It accepts short standard cartridges only, which I found a bit disappointing. I like to be able to use my bottles inks, but I guess this gives me incentive to learn how to refill a cartridge.


It was very easy to learn how to load the cartridge into the pen properly, thanks to some handy instructions included in the box. After it was seated correctly, it took a few moments for the ink to flow through the feed, though nothing unreasonable. I imagine this has to do with it being a brand new pen. After the feed was saturated, the ink flow was great—I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly juicy writer, but it does keep the nib writing extremely smoothly. I haven’t experienced any hard starts, either. The size of the pen when posted makes for a very comfortable writing experience—the one attempt I gave at writing with it unposted was rather awkward (though I don’t imagine this was the intended way to use it.) I have medium-sized hands, for reference. It’s weight makes for a pen that doesn’t fatigue the writer. Seriously, I could probably write for hours with it.

Overall Impression

I’ve enjoyed my experience with this pen quite a bit. It’s been consistent and comfortable every time I’ve written with it. I’m looking forward to using it at work, where, as a nurse, I really need something small and convenient to carry. Plus, using a fountain pen at work is quite a conversation starter! I have no doubt it will stand up well to the task.

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Special Thanks to Amy Rodbumtung (@lucianah987)

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